About us

Event Handler is geeks organising events for other geeks. For over a year now we've been running London JS and other tech events around London. We run the events based around a few simple ideas;

  • An event is made by it's attendees
  • We want you to walk away having learned something
  • We sell sponsorship not speaking slots


To talk to us about speaking at an event, sponsorship or any other question send an email to the team at contact@eventhandler.co.uk.

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Be excellent to each other

We are dedicated to producing the best events. To make the experience enjoyable for everyone – regardless of age, gender, sexuality, religious or ethnic identity – we expect our speakers and attendees to remember about these simple rules;

  • Offensive behaviour (verbal abuse, intimidation, harassment etc.) will not be tolerated
  • Offensive slide decks will not be tolerated
  • Anyone acting like a jerk will be asked to leave
  • If you find something offensive, let us know and we'll investigate it

Any feedback and suggestions how we can make our events more enjoyable and inclusive are welcome, so don't be shy.

Arran Ross-Paterson

Founder, designer & eater of pies at Event Handler. Arran is rubbish with names & dates, thats why he schedules the events & speakers. He does multi screen design for ecommerce & tech companies. Live's on a boat, drinks to much coffee & has high blood pressure.

Twitter - @arranrp

Picture of Arran Ross-Paterson

Edd Sowden

Our resident compère. Edd is a frontend engineer with an unhealthy interest in JavaScript and web technologies. His other passion is road cycling and can often be found atop a bike riding around London or Surrey.

Twitter - @edds

Picture of Edd Sowden

Matt Bee

Door man & token northerner. Matt is a frontend developer who can either be found trying to catch up to Edd on his road bike, trialling a vintage car or doing some other sport that is liable to get him injured. Always happy to show you his scars over a pint at the pub & happy to help with anything whenever a friendly face is needed.

Twitter - @mattbee

Picture of Matt Bee